Matt Hanson

  • Sibel Horada, Clearing Space in Still Water, 2021, two channel video, 8 minutes 6 seconds; 50“ and 40” LED screens, metal barriers, dimensions variable.
    picks December 01, 2021

    Sibel Horada

    For her solo show “Interruption and Flow,” artist and pacifist Sibel Horada focused on Taksim Square and its historic use as the center of water distribution for Istanbul’s European districts to comment on the current municipal “spatiocide,” a term Beirut scholar Sari Hanafi coined for the confiscation of land in Palestine. Horada tracked the Ottoman-era watercourse to its source at Valide Dam in Belgrade Forest for her video installation Valide (Mother), 2021. The work projects a video of the dam waters over a thin, transparent curtain, draped partially into an old tub that Horada was washed