Mercedes Pérez Bergliaffa

  • picks April 10, 2018

    Sara Facio

    This exhibition comprises one hundred and fifteen mostly never-before-seen photographs concerning Juan Domingo Perón, one of the most famous—and polemical—populist leaders in Latin American history. The works in this show differ from other photographs of the political leader because, firstly, they were taken by a female photographer. Sara Facio was a photojournalist working for the French agency Sipa Press in the early 1970s, a time when there were virtually no Argentinian women working in photojournalism. Secondly, these pictures were chosen from thirty-one rolls of film that were left in the

  • picks June 09, 2017

    Benito Laren

    Argentinean artist Benito Laren’s unusual world is temporarily accessible in the anthological show “Fabularen” (a portmanteau of “Fabulous Laren”). On display at this private museum designed by Uruguayan architect Rafael Viñoly Beceiro, the exhibition , curated by Claudio Ongaro, highlights the output of one of the region’s most eccentric artists. At the margins of the art market—and of everything else—Laren is unclassifiable and truly original.

    A rather retro vision of outer space, more informed by 1960s lunar landings than by contemporary space exploration, underscores Laren’s work. And the

  • picks August 10, 2016

    Voluspa Jarpa

    The assassinations and espionage operations carried out in Latin America by the Central Intelligence Agency from 1948 to 1994 are the basis of Chilean artist Voluspa Jarpa’s aesthetic criticism in this show. “En nuestra pequeña región de por acá” (In Our Little Region Over Here) revolves around the deaths and disappearances of forty-seven emblematic Cold War–era Latin American political leaders. The works on view have a number of commonalities: They are the product of fifteen years of research on the relationship between different Latin American governments and the CIA, and through many declassified