Michael Heizer

  • Walter De Maria, Meteor Crater, Arizona, 1968. Photo: Michael Heizer.

    Walter De Maria

    WALTER AND I MET IN NEW YORK CITY in 1966 or 1967 at his Howard Street studio. I was spray-painting industrial warehouses. A few artists called me to paint their lofts in what later was called SoHo. I think I sprayed Billy Copley’s loft, and I think he told Walter about me. Walter got a good job, with minimum varnoline solvent and maximum superwhite alkyd from Harry’s Greenwich Paints. I sprayed Lee Lozano’s and Neil Williams’s lofts and the Fluxus building for George Maciunas along with my usual slumlord work.

    Walter and I seemed to have much in common as artists in spite of our ten-year age