Michael Snow

  • Michael Snow, Sink (detail), 1970, C-print, eighty 35-mm color slides in timed carousel projector, dimensions variable.

    Michael Snow

    I’M PROUD of (most of) what I’ve done in the past, but, apparently unable to learn from the past, I continue to make works in soon-to-be-obsolete media.

    Some of the paintings and sculptures I have made since 1956 require medical attention, but many of my “technological” works are in the emergency ward. They were produced in media that are disappearing or have disappeared: 35-mm, 16-mm, Super 8, and 8-mm film; 35-mm slides; quarter-inch audio tape and cassettes; LPs; several breeds of video (1/2“, 3/4”, DigiBeta, etc.). I have made color and black-and-white photo works on many different grounds;

  • Passage

    . . . . I’VE BEEN TRYING TO GIVE some attention to how “one thing leads to another” or more accurately: “the ways in which one action leads to another.” That isn’t much clearer.

    Apparently certain types of events and in myself certain states of mind bring about attention with this kind of emphasis. My perception of the nature of a situation (result of a vague yearning to codify “how one thing leads to another”) if clear, includes everything. Ha ha. Everything which I was capable of receiving. I’m often quite fuzzy or don’t care. Also every beginning is arbitrary. I have noted in myself the