Michael Wilson

  • picks April 05, 2001

    Richard Wilson

    Richard Wilson turns his house upside down

    In 1996, Richard Wilson presided over the temporary closure of the Serpentine Gallery in London, taking its impending refurbishment as his cue to drill the building full of holes. Now, Gimpel Fils has asked him to inaugurate its newly renovated space. Wilson is best known for his gutsy approach to the reinterpretation of architectural structures. For the 1987 installation 20:50, he filled a section of the Saatchi Gallery’s cavernous interior with sump oil, creating a highly reflective surface and some extraordinary optical tricks. More low-key, the current show features drawings, models, and

  • picks March 29, 2001

    Beck's Futures 2

    Beck's Futures vies with the Turner Prize

    Beck’s was an enthusiastic sponsor of the London scene throughout the '90s renaissance, so their establishment last year of a new award for young artists has not come as a great shock. Critic Matthew Collings describes Beck’s Futures as still attractively undefined‚ looser and hipper than the Turner Prize. But at £65,000, the prize fund is already larger, and the show will tour the UK before landing in New York in October 2001. This year’s judges, who include novelist Zadie Smith, author of White Teeth (and the ICA’s first writer-in-residence), critic and curator Richard Flood, and painter Gary