Mika Yoshitake

  • Kishio Suga, Law of Halted Space, 2016, wood, metal. Installation view, Dia:Chelsea, New York, 2016.
    interviews July 24, 2017

    Kishio Suga

    A founding member of the Japanese art movement Mono-ha, Kishio Suga was born in Morioka, Japan, in 1944 and currently lives and works in Ito City, Japan. Suga’s first solo museum show in the United States, which he discusses below, is on view at Dia:Chelsea in New York through July 29, 2017.

    AT FIRST, Dia requested a past work, but when I saw the space, a former marble-cutting factory, I felt that I wanted to do something new. I imagined a show of work that would contend with the height of the tall ceiling—something not flat, but three-dimensional and solid. I think there is a profound difference

  • “Kishio Suga: Situations”

    In his first European solo show, Kishio Suga, best known as one of the leading figures of the Japanese art movement Mono-ha, will be celebrated in his own right with a retrospective of twenty-three installations and sculptures from 1969 through the present. At HangarBicocca, Suga will activate objects as dynamic parts of a total structure: Viewers will find themselves immersed in an environment of wooden configurations, paraffin-wax structures, floor works composed of both organic and manufactured materials, and ephemeral outdoor interventions. The