Milena Hoegsberg

  • Jesper Just, Seminarium (detail), 2021, LED screens, plants, handmade glass vases, water, pump, hoses, cables, aluminum, switchboards. Installation view. Photo: David Stjernholm.

    Jesper Just

    Jesper Just’s Seminarium, 2021, situated its visitors in the uncertain time and space of a futuristic high-tech plant laboratory. Networks of plastic wires and tubes ran throughout the installation, connecting LED screens spread across floors, mounted on walls, and suspended from ceilings, each panel bathing the space in a cool purple hue. As if hacked and rebuilt, these disjointed screens exposed the technological skeletons of the cables and hard drives that powered them.

    Formally, the work echoed Just’s 2018 Circuits (Interpassivities), concurrently on view at the Statens Museum for Kunst in