Miz Cracker

  • Jennifer Packer, The Body Has Memory, 2018, oil on canvas, 60 × 48".
    June 23, 2021

    “Jennifer Packer: Every Shut Eye Ain’t Sleep”

    Curated by Bennett Simpson

    Jennifer Packer’s forthcoming solo exhibition, “Every Shut Eye Ain’t Sleep,” straddles two of the artist’s defining bodies of work. It offers a survey of the enigmatic portraits and still lifes that have fueled her rising acclaim (she was featured prominently in the Whitney Biennial two years ago). But it also presents a substantial and arresting collection of never-before-seen paintings—some monumental in scale—that hint at a subtle shift in direction for the artist. In recent years, Packer’s images have often been tinged with a sense of the elegiac; her almost

  • Jordan Casteel, Charles, 2016, oil on canvas, 78 x 60".


    Curated by Rebecca R. Hart

    “The intent of the paintings from my early works is to expose my vision of black men as a sister, daughter, friend, and lover,” says Jordan Casteel. “I want audiences to engage with them as fathers, sons, brothers, cousins.” “Returning the Gaze,” Casteel’s first major museum exhibition, embodies this long-held ethos. Comprising nearly thirty works, it showcases the New York–based artist’s large-scale oil-on-canvas portraits of friends, family, and neighbors. Often translated from photographs taken by Casteel, these portraits evoke a sense of casual, familial intimacy.