Molly Barnes

  • Group Show

    An impressive group of artists of contemporary talent are included in this interim gallery show. The dynamic, enthusiastic Joan Ankrum and her partner William Challee, have selected a group of works by several painters that reflects a wide variety of contemporary styles, approaches to painting, philosophies, and images. Included in the show are Lorser Feitelson, his wife Helen Lundeberg, Arnold Mesches, Robert Frame, and Shirl Goedike.

    Unlike the recent show at the Phoenix Art Museum, “Of Time and The Image,” which included two works from each artist—one early painting and one recent painting—the

  • Sam Francis, Miyasaki, Altoon and others

    Included in this extremely interesting show are a group of small lithographs by Sam Francis done in 1963 at the Tamarind Lithography Workshop. Francis creates loosely massed areas made up of a multitude of kidney-shaped forms, which float like pools of oil spread on water or run down the canvas in slow drips and trickles. The lithographs throb with alternately brilliant and sullen tones.

    Miyasaki, a Professor of Arts and Crafts at the University of California, exhibits a lighter, erotically humorous group of lithographs. He transmutes the ancient process into a Pop idiom via Playboy Magazine.

  • Yvonne Cole Meo

    This new gallery-boutique-restaurant is a West Coast version of New York’s successful Serendipity. The decor of the upstairs boutique and the outdoor “Artists Pavilion” is opulent and unique, the walls of the surrounding buildings having been painted to simulate a French street scene around the cafe. The boutique contains a lavish collection of novelties and objets d'art.

    The one-woman show currently in the gallery features the paintings and lithographs of Yvonne Cole Meo, who calls herself a “chemical painter,” as she works exclusively with her “secret” mixtures of plastics, melted vinyl, and