Neil A. Koch

  • Portland

    The Fountain Gallery of Art, an unusual gallery for Oregon . . . a must for visitors. The gallery directors have their sights set on individuality . . . Rare! It takes aesthetic guts to bypass the many current demands; especially, the pre-set contemporary image. So far, they have tried!

    Representatives from the Gallery’s artist-group:

    Hilda Morris, painter-sculptor: examples of research resulting from a recent $10,000 Ford grant. Sumi ink paintings, uniformly large, covering the scope of the landscape . . . from intimate to vast. Some seem derived from quiet shadowed places . . . within a forest

  • Portland

    The Portland Art Museum’s annual, “Artists of Oregon, Painting and Sculpture,” 1962, was not so much an art show as it was a summation of the creative deterioration that has devastated this State.

    The exhibition ended March 25. It is gone; but we must not forget it. There is house cleaning to be done and a general re-evaluation should be forthcoming. And this should be done before time rolls ’round for another gathering together of Oregon arts.

    There are three words that describe this ’62 show: Redundant, Anemic, and Precocious . . . probably the weakest art exhibition Oregon has ever shown. The