Nellie Killian

  • Tsai Ming-Liang, Goodbye, Dragon Inn, 2003, 35 mm, color, sound, 82 minutes. Production still. Ticket Woman (Chen Shiang-Chyi). Photo: Lin Meng-Shan.


    MID-MARCH: As the reality of the pandemic in New York came into focus, calls to close cinemas spread across the local film scene. The lives of the four of us are typically devoted to going to the movies and encouraging others to do so, too; suddenly we found ourselves desperate to persuade the theaters we love to cease operations as soon as possible.

    Unlike some forms of disaster, epidemics can be predicted, modeled. Italy offered a grim preview of what might be in store for us stateside. So did history: Film scholar Thomas Doherty recently shared a 1920 Billboard article that quotes New York’s