Nick Stillman

  • Mini Alcohol Installation, 2004.
    picks May 10, 2004

    Atelier van Lieshout

    In Atelier van Lieshout’s thoroughly dystopian “Humans, Machines and Body Parts,” people—or “burghers,” as AVL would call them—relinquish notions of physical autonomy to support a state system. The Dutch collective has transformed Tanya Bonadkar’s gallery into a body- and mind-control experiment explicated by The Technocrat, 2004, a large drawing diagramming the workings of a self-sufficient town whose machines are powered by human waste. Sculptural arrangements like Fermenting Vessels with Man, 2004, and Mini Alcohol Installation, 2004, pair flaccid-looking fiberglass figures with distillers

  • Carlos Motta, Pesca Milagrosa (detail), 2002.
    picks April 26, 2004

    “Establishing Shot”

    In filmic language, establishing shots are images that seek to set the mood of the scenes to follow. So should we understand this show as an attempt by Christian Rattemeyer, Artists Space’s new curator, to set the mood for his exhibition program? Yes and no: The press release says that the show is indeed a sort of preview of the coming season—but it also points out that establishing shots are notable for their frequent failure to establish anything at all. Having thus hedged his bets, Rattemeyer proceeds to offer a provocative exhibition that emphasizes the ambiguous nature of “documentary”