Nicole Kaack

  • Sean Gerstley, Oval Funnel Planter, 2016, ceramic and white-gold luster, 17 x 8 x 12''.
    picks August 26, 2016

    “The Plant Show”

    Enter the claustrophobia of the greenhouse, complete with the cloying, damp humidity and the clawed, ecstatic growth of tropical plants. In an alternate reality to Martha Stewart’s Container Garden Ideas for Any Household blog, Simran Johnston has curated a show that marries sculpture to function. But this is no IKEA, and it ain’t no country club, either. In operations variable in their complexity, twenty-four artists carry out their tasks dubiously, adding an asterisk to Martha’s assurance that plants will “purify your home.”

    Ryan Oskin’s Amazon Lights (all works cited, 2016) doesn’t elaborate

  • View of “Yanyan Huang: Giardino del Tempo,” 2016.
    picks July 27, 2016

    Yanyan Huang

    Spectral shapes manifest in light clouds of color through the undulating barrier of Trace Fields (all works 2016), which hangs from a brass rod in the gallery window. Heralded by this luxurious patch of printed silk, Yanyan Huang’s effervescent show, organized with Alex Ross, follows like an exotic garden path. Swimming through colors and amorphic blobs, visitors are immersed in a space tricked out with inscrutable designs.

    Huang’s paintings are as mesmerizing as they are impenetrable, overflowing with hairline strokes and fern-like bursts. Calligraphic characters of vibrant hues pulsate in