Noa Bronstein

  • Sandra Meigs, Old Lady and Murder. The Little Lost Operas, 2020, acrylic on panel, silver leaf, paper, polymer clay, fabric, wood, 20 x 24".
    picks June 01, 2020

    Sandra Meigs

    Strange, crafty characters lend literal and emotional depth to Sandra Meigs’s works in “The Little Lost Operas,” which brings together the artist’s small compositions referencing eighteenth- and nineteenth-century operas. Loosely painted backdrops draped with fabric curtains set the stage for hand-size puppets (all components include found materials). Some of these assemblages measure just a few inches across; another incorporates a standard side table. Surprisingly, the improvisational pieces emotively outpace their modest means, conveying joy, desire, sorrow, and fear. Together, they charge