Oroma Elewa

  • Oroma Elewa, I’m Not Michelle Obama, 2019, digital C-print, 5 × 5". From the series “Area Babes and Ashawo Superstars,” 2019–.


    AS AN ARTIST, I reflect on my personal experiences and explore ideas that hold social, cultural, political, and racial import for me. I am especially interested in contemporary womanhood and facets of Black identity, including the transnational African mindset, the diasporic experience, and my possession of a “Black Body.”

    “Area Babes and Ashawo Superstars,” 2019–, uses the meme as a framework for dialogue. It comprises original and re-created stills from the golden age of Nollywood films and unfolds through a series of characters negotiating life, sex, class, and power in the twenty-first century.