Ottessa Moshfegh

  • Jean Stein, photographed in New York, 1991. Photo: Brigitte Lacombe.
    passages June 23, 2017

    Jean Stein (1934–2017)

    Jean Stein

    Taught me how to walk out

    Of movies.

    Sit center.

    Order the biggest popcorn.

    Give the movie its opening credits

    And then a minimum of three minutes.

    Do you like this, Ottessa?

    See me grin and shake my head no.

    Then stand and duck and go.

    Say, Excuse me!

    To the knees of those poor souls

    About to waste another hour or two of their lives

    For twelve dollars and fifty cents.

    Jean Stein

    Spilled her popcorn along the sidewalk

    Like a trail for the angels.

    As if to say,

    Here I am, here I go.

    Don’t lose track of me

    Because I am one of you.

    The times we stayed,

    She exclaimed at every magic moment.