Owen Duffy

  • picks February 23, 2018

    Dave McDermott

    Melancholy, gold leaf, Federico Fellini, and yarn: Dave McDermott’s new paintings abound with nods to cinematic history and a sensuous approach to materials. The exhibition’s title, “The Long Goodbye,” salutes Robert Altman’s 1973 film (and Raymond Chandler’s 1952 book, upon which the movie is based) that follows a private investigator through worlds of murder, manipulation, and addiction. Yet it’s Fellini’s 8 1/2 (1963) that supposedly fuels the imagery of the artist’s paintings. McDermott drops us into a K-hole of cultural references, replete with anomie, tragedy, and loss.

    The paintings are

  • picks December 08, 2017

    Anton Ginzburg

    A century ago, Russia’s October Revolution catapulted universalism from the worker’s table to the seat of state power, and the prospective elimination of class created fruitful opportunities for the avant-garde. Kazimir Malevich and his lesser known contemporaries, such as Mikhail Matyushin, sought to inaugurate a transcendental aesthetic language through abstraction and explore the limits of human perception—a project that underpins Anton Ginzburg’s current show.

    In the center of the gallery, viewers encounter Sky Poles II, 2016, a duo of porcelain totems glazed in gradations of blue.