Paola Nicolin

  • Patrick Tuttofuoco, Isabelle, 2009, stainless steel, wood, fabric, resin, spray paint,  94 x 47 x 47".
    picks May 28, 2009

    Patrick Tuttofuoco

    “First Person Plural,” Patrick Tuttofuoco’s latest exhibition, conveys an unresolved sense of unease that seems prompted by the artist’s recent move to Berlin. While looking at his new works, viewers might also feel uneasy (and a sense of the uncanny): The show offers multiple visages and body parts, including fiberglass and plastic faces, ski masks plastered in acidic colors, and casts of hands that hang from stylized trees. The exhibition stands in stark contrast to Tuttofuoco’s previous works, such as Revolving Landscape, 2006, for which he traveled around the world with three collaborators