Parker Hodges

  • POPism: The Warhol '60s and Picasso, Photographs from 1951-1972

    POPism: The Warhol ’60s, by Andy Warhol & Pat Hackett, New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1980, 192 pages, 8 illustrations.

    Andy has done it again. After hitting the top with Pop and movies and socialites and superstars, reinventing art pompier for our time, and defining celebrity once and for all, Warhol, with collaborator Pat Hackett, has told a story called POPism: The Warhol ’60s. It is the best book I’ve read about what it was like then to be involved with contemporary art and to be in New York.

    With a cast that includes most of the painters, writers, dealers and collectors that seemed to

  • Parker Hodges

    Edward Ruscha, Guacamole Airlines and other drawings (New York: Harry N. Abrams, 1980), 96 pages, 84 illustrations, including 30 in color.

    What Edward Ruscha says about signs and symbols, myths, drugs, houses and vegetables is clear and relaxing. Whether short texts with single words dropped out of colored backgrounds, or images of aspirins, fireplaces, hit records, or apartment houses and the Los Angeles Times, (earlier trademarks) Ruscha takes as his material familiar stuff. How could anyone fail to smile at Those Of Us Who Have Double Parked, 1976, which consists of just that text, in four