Patrick Frey

  • Andreas Slominski

    Invited to participate in the 1994 exhibition “Passieren” at the Hamburger Kunsthalle, “sculptor” Andreas Slominski had a crew of workers remove an enormous window from a storefront at a local mall. In the empty display, the artist placed a wooden Popsicle stick he’d picked up outside. Once the tiny artifact was positioned and lit to satisfaction, the pane of glass was reinstalled. The following year, Slominski orchestrated an even more labor-intensive operation at the Museum Haus Esters, located in a former Mies van der Rohe house in a tidy quarter of Krefeld. To realize Golfball-Aktion, 1995,

  • Patrick Frey

    What do I want to say? What for? To whom?

    What do I want to ask? What for? Of whom?

    What do I want to say with this asking? To whom?

    What do I want to ask with this saying? Of whom?

    —Notebook, Page 283, 3rd Variant, Basel 1998

    Where should one begin in writing about the artist and his work—the organization is rhizomatic, the intentions don’t proceed in a single direction but are a system of tangled paths twisting through a thicket that’s never been cleared, paths that are also perhaps lines of flight? Dieter Roth often fled out of shame, out of an “aggressive modesty,” as he himself called it.