Paul Mills

  • The New Oakland Museum’s Policies

    IN THE NEW OAKLAND MUSEUM BUILDING, which will house the Oakland Art Museum, Natural Science Museum, History Museum and other related facilities, the Oakland Art Museum will attempt to realize much of the new sense of rediscovery in older American art and to relate it to the current explorations in contemporary American art.

    Specifically, in its permanent collection, the museum will present the art of California from the earliest European contacts to the present day. The early dedication of the art museum to such a goal, which began in 1954 with the organization of our Archives of California art,

  • David Park

    “David Park now has a reasonably secure option on a niche in American art annals, and, along with it, he has his epithet; he is ‘the first California new figurative painter.’ Those of us here who knew him feel mildly pleased, on the whole, that his memory now has this status symbol, and that he himself had a taste of whatever pleasures success gives before he died last year. However, now that his epithet has provided a beginning for the understanding of his work, it is time to expand into a broader, more penetrating appreciation of his art. The current retrospective exhibition, which the Staempfli