Peter Clothier

  • Isamu Noguchi

    Recently completed at the South Coast Town Center in Costa Mesa, California, is a major new site-work by Isamu Noguchi. Situated in the approximately square space between two dark reflective-glass towers and the massive white-painted rear walls of a parking garage, the work is an allegory of the state of California. The entire area, including its layout of plants, shrubs, and a variety of grasses and trees, was designed by the artist.

    The piece is an assemblage of site constructions, each with its distinguishable theme: a conical structure of small granite blocks surmounted by a stainless steel

  • Magic of the Possible: Five California Artists

    THERE CAN BE NO DOUBT that performance, process and environmental arts have established themselves firmly in Southern California. Such post-studio work challenges accepted notions of scale according to any external frame of reference. It has been significantly involved with the esthetics of such temporal modes as drama and narrative.

    Beyond this general situation, however, certain artists appear to be diverting gains made in these areas of art investigation into the channels of what might seem to be more traditional formats. I hesitate to identify yet another new trend or category, but I should