Peter Gidal

  • Samuel Beckett’s “Ghost Trio”

    GHOST TRIO WAS WRITTEN expressly for television by Samuel Beckett in 1976 and recorded by the B.B.C. in October of that year. It was published in the United States (Grove Press) and in England (Faber and Faber). The British publication, which first appeared in the Journal of Beckett Studies for Winter 1976, includes revisions made during the broadcast-recording; hence, the British texts are, finally, based on both the writing and the tele-recording. As Ghost Trio was written as a tele-play, it has not been otherwise performed, and it will not be. The Male Figure is played by Ronald Pickup, the

  • Problems “Relating to” Andy Warhol’s “Still Life 1976”

    ANDY WARHOL’S STILL LIFE 1976 measures 72 by 86 inches, or approximately 6 by 7 feet. It consists of acrylic pigment painted and silkscreened onto canvas. In some sections the acrylic lies underneath the silkscreened hammer-and-sickle image; in others it is painted on top and in sections (largely) separate from the silkscreened image. The basic colors are red and black (with gradations from light gray to solid black).

    The image is a reproduction of the real. That is to say, here, a hammer, given as such, a sickle, given as such, reproduced—re-imaged. The referent for this image, this painting,