Philip-Lorca diCorcia

  • Philip-Lorca diCorcia, editorial photograph for “Stranger in Paradise,” W, September 2000.

    Philip-Lorca diCorcia

    I AM, BY MOST STANDARDS, a successful artist—not up to auction-house metrics, but I survive, which is some sort of achievement. There are many ugly stories to tell about the art market, but I will begin with just one aspect: my experience with the top fashion houses of our time.

    The owners of these companies are also big art collectors, as we all know. Their net worth is in the billions, but they make nothing of any real value. Sort of like an artist. I’m sure this all just sounds like the sour grapes they sell in fancy champagne bottles. Maybe with a Koons label?

    To be up-front, I will state

  • Still from the animated invitation to Flame’s 2013 show at Real Fine Arts, New York.

    The Best Exhibitions of 2013

    To take stock of the past year, Artforum asked an international group of artists to select the single image, exhibition, or event that most memorably captured their eye in 2013.


    Two thousand thirteen was a good year for art. Whoever says the opposite is an ignoramus. I like the artist Flame.


    Alighiero Boetti (Museum of Modern Art, New York) I don’t see all that many shows, but I’d bet on MoMA’s recent “Alighiero Boetti: Game Plan” as one of the recent best. Boetti’s work and name are equally memorable, and to think that he was operating like this well before “