Qianfan Gu

  • View of “Shen Xin: ས་གཞི་སྔོན་པོ་འགྱུར། (The Earth Turned Green), 2022.
    picks July 19, 2022

    Shen Xin

    The namesake centerpiece of the Chengdu, China–born Shen Xin’s solo exhibition here, ས་གཞི་སྔོན་པོ་འགྱུར། (The Earth Turned Green), 2022, is a massive three-channel video and sound installation. The work, which grew out of the artist’s stumbles in learning Tibetan, comprises a floor-to-ceiling screen featuring imagery projected on both sides, subtitled in English and Tibetan. This surface divides the gallery space evenly in two, metaphorically producing the “gulf” that frequently exists between different languages. For the piece, Shen worked with a technician to create a lighting scheme that

  • Byron Kim, Elevated Surface, 2019, wood, metal, acrylic, dimensions variable.
    picks September 16, 2019

    “Better Homes & Gardens”

    In 1980, philosopher Liang Shuming asked, “Will the world get better?” This group presentation—featuring contributions from Alston Watson, Mama Yoshi, Bettina Yung, Lu Zhang, and the queer footwear company Syro, among other artists and entities—seems to answer Liang’s question, albeit obliquely, in a deceptively ordinary setting.

    The show is set within a Brooklyn townhouse apartment restored by Howie Chen, the gallery’s cofounder and the exhibition’s curator. The flat is outfitted with sundry IKEA appointments, and artworks are scattered about casually, as if they were someone’s personal belongings.