Qianxi Liu

  • Liang Shuo, The Grand Topology (detail), 2015, particleboard, self-adhesive PVC, dimensions variable.

    Liang Shuo

    Liang Shuo’s recent solo show bore an odd name: “Tuo Pu Ou Le Ju.” It’s his own transliteration of the English word topology, devoid of any meaning in Chinese. Following on his earlier shows “Fit” (2010) and “The Story of Beginning” (2014), which turned gallery spaces into a “living room” and a “business incubator,” respectively, this time Liang transformed the space into something analogous to his understanding of the mathematical term topology.

    Entering the exhibition hall, viewers were led directly into a gloomy, winding, cave-like structure made of coarse, irregular wooden planks and a jumble