Regina Bogat

  • passages April 15, 2017

    Bernard Zürcher (1953–2017)

    SHOCK OVERCAME ME JANUARY 16, 2017, when I heard that gallerist and art historian Bernard Zürcher had died from a heart attack that morning in Paris. He was only sixty-three. What a loss for the international art world, for me and the other artists represented by Zürcher Gallery, for his wife and business partner, Gwénolée, and his son, Theo. Within a genuinely humble and sweet demeanor, Bernard was amazingly bright, educated, and accomplished. Although he had a practical side, Bernard was sincere, even idealistic, about supporting the art he loved.

    I first met Bernard on January 20, 2013. In

  • Fifty California Artists

    CHOSEN BY GEORGE D. CULLER, Director of the San Francisco Museum of Art, James Elliott, Chief Curator and Curator of Modern Art of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and Lloyd Goodrich, Director of the Whitney Museum of American Art, “Fifty California Artists” may very well be one of the “youngest” in looks the Whitney Museum has presented.* It has some of the spirit of the “new talent” exhibitions and as in those exhibitions, several works of each artist are placed as a unit, permitting a conviction through repetition that large group shows often don’t allow the viewer. Many of the California