Rennie McDougall

  • View of “Tiona Nekkia McClodden: The Trace of an Implied Presence,” 2022, the Shed, New York. Photo: Maria Baranova.
    performance August 23, 2022

    Step by Step

    FOR TIONA NEKKIA MCCLODDEN’S latest workThe Trace of an Implied Presence, currently on view at the Shed in New York, the artist has installed four dancefloors in the second-floor gallery, each tailored to different specifications. Two are covered in Marley (one black and one white). Two are made of hard wood. Suspended above each dancefloor is a screen, onto which are projected color and black-and-white filmed portraits of Black performers. Here McClodden presents Michael J. Love, a tap dancer and scholar, striking complex rhythms against the floor; Kim Grier-Martinez, current artistic director