Roísín Tapponi

  • Juliana Huxtable, SCALING, 2022, acrylic on printed canvas, artist frame, 69 1/4 × 54 3/8 × 2 3/4".
    picks September 16, 2022

    Juliana Huxtable

    In her second solo exhibition at Project Native Informant, “AKIMBO SPITTLE,” Juliana Huxtable gives the ancient technique of palimpsest a software update. She slicks paint over her skin in wild patterns and poses theatrically for the camera, taking multiple self-portraits in her studio. She then prints the photographs onto large canvases and paints over them. Each image offers a crystallization, an archaeology, of media. Don’t ask whether Huxtable is a performer, photographer, or painter: Accept that she is everything all at once.

    Within the five paintings on display here, Huxtable uses acrylics