Rotem Rozental

  • Jan Tichy, Project Cabrini Green (feed), 2011, video, color, 700 hours. From “Project Cabrini Green,” 2011.
    picks September 10, 2012

    Jan Tichy

    In March 2011 the last high-rise building of Cabrini-Green, a public housing development on Chicago’s Near North Side, was demolished and 134 deserted apartments turned into rubble. In its prime, the complex had housed over 15,000 people. Over the years, however, gang violence, neglect, and poor conditions drove residents away. Days before the demolition began, Jan Tichy installed 134 flickering LED boxes in the empty spaces of the final standing building; during the monthlong process, these boxes blinked every day from 7 PM to 1 AM with unique patterns. The lights could have been read as SOS

  • View of “Neustein: Drawing in the Margins,” 2012.
    picks August 22, 2012

    Joshua Neustein

    נוישטיין: כלומר רישום,” the Hebrew title of Joshua Neustein’s latest exhibition, can be translated as “Neustein: Meaning Drawing,” which is a direct way to explain how his various installations or video works might be considered as drawings: how magnets that attract and attach pieces of metal to paper, for instance, or large plates of metal covering the gallery walls and floors, could be defined as such. Unlike the instructive Hebrew title, the English title of the exhibition, “Neustein: Drawing in the Margins,” seems to reflect on how Neustein persistently undermines strict definitions of the