Rubén Bautista

  • Michael Tracy

    Michael Tracy’s studio is virtually on top of Mexico City’s wonderous Templo Mayor—the navel of Aztec culture and the place once chosen to become the center of the most magnificent empire on this side of the world.

    It is said that at the consecration of the Templo hundreds, even thousands lost their lives, offering up their hearts to the sun, god of life, as rivers of blood streamed down the stairs. Religion and magic have inspired Tracy to create an astonishing body of work in this mysterious country: canvases drenched in a deliciously fake blood, crosses decorated with hummingbirds, and glittering

  • Maria Izquierdo

    Maria Izquierdo began her art school training in 1928 at the Academia de Pintura y Escultura in Mexico City, where Diego Rivera was appointed director the following year. Rivera was so taken with her work that she provoked the envy of several students, who attacked Izquierdo by drenching her with water. Shattered by the experience, she left the school, never to return. Soon after this incident, Rivera organized a one-person show for her at the then-unfinished Palacio de Bellas Artes.

    Izquierdo’s four-year relationship with the artist Rufino Tamayo brought out her explosive genius, as she began