Ryan Steadman

  • picks June 12, 2013

    Alex Kwartler and Elke Solomon

    Alex Kwartler and Elke Solomon’s first mother-and-son exhibition of their individual and collaborative works is a multigenerational ode to light, the latest from a long pedigree of Western artists obsessed with the subject. Like the first modern master of light, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, both of these artists echo the mysteries of the natural world within their work, while also sharing Renoir’s jubilant engagement with daily life.

    Kwartler emits this joy through his deceptively simple series of pigmented plaster-on-plywood paintings, which lean gently against the walls like common lumber. The

  • picks May 27, 2013

    Marcia Kure

    Despite the muted and humble appearance of Marcia Kure’s work, her interior world is extensive. Perhaps this is due to the African-born artist’s migration from Nigeria to Berlin, Maine, Atlanta, and now New Jersey, before the age of forty-three. As a result, cultural mores from a cluster of traditions are amalgamated into Kure’s modestly sized sculptures, watercolors, and collages, via the hand of someone who has seen a wide array of human social dynamics.

    Kure has a keen awareness of modern artistic forms, as well as an eye for the anthropomorphic and how it pertains to her imagery. These