Saikeerthi Rachavelpula

  • Debanjan Roy, Toy Gandhi 4 (Superhero), 2019, silicone and automotive paint, 56 x 38 x 32".
    picks October 11, 2019

    Debanjan Roy

    On October 2, 2019—the 150th anniversary of Mohandas K. Gandhi’s birth—the Kolkata-based sculptor Debanjan Roy transformed this space into a veritable Madame Tussauds dedicated solely to the shiny celebrity of the Mahatma, “the great soul.” With a careful hand, Roy plays with Gandhi’s image, rendering it as a series of toys, including a beefed-up superhero, a life-size puppet, and a plunger-holding bobblehead. On the gallery’s first floor, eight different Gandhis stand off, smirking at one another. None of them contain much of a soul, let alone a great one.

    Perhaps the most unsettling of these