Sam Clarke

  • Cajsa von Zeipel, Heart Breaker, 2018, stainless steel, fiberglass, spray paint, plaster, Styrofoam, aqua resin, panel, speakers, sound, 63 x 25 x 24".
    picks May 25, 2018


    Entering this group exhibition, it feels as though I’ve walked into a rave frozen at its peak. The only thing active is a raunchy techno mix by Marie Karlberg, which swirls out of a pair of small Bluetooth speakers in the breasts of Casja von Zeipel’s bust Heart Breaker, 2018. Meanwhile, its sister, Party girls don’t get hurt, 2018, is a sculpture of a woman swinging from the ceiling—both of her legs are intertwined with a tilted chandelier. Von Zeipel’s pieces are brimming with the kind of kinetic energy that makes me almost scared to look away. The uncanny curation here forms a palpable kinship