Sampada Aranke

  • View of “Out of Easy Reach,” 2018. From left: Lisa Alvarado, Traditional Object 21, 2017; Lisa Alvarado, Traditional Object 15, 2014. Photo: Tom Van Eynde.

    “Out of Easy Reach”

    For the ambitious exhibition “Out of Easy Reach,” Allison Glenn curated works by twenty-four artists at Chicago’s DePaul Art Museum, Gallery 400, and the Stony Island Arts Bank. The focus was on uses of abstraction since 1980 by black and Latinx artists from across the spectrum of “women.” Plotting a dynamic range of styles, techniques, and historical affiliations, the show was organized around intertwined conceptual frameworks, including mapping, migration, archives, vernacular culture, and the body. Featured artists included Lisa Alvarado, Candida Alvarez, Barbara Chase-Riboud, Maren Hassinger,

  • View of “David Hammons,” 2016. From left: Untitled, 2014; Untitled, 2003; Smoke Screen, 1990–95; Standing Room Only, 1996; Basketball Chandelier, 1997. Photo: Tom Powel Imaging.

    David Hammons

    The whispers surrounding “David Hammons: Five Decades” were as important to the exhibition as the art itself. Accounts of the show tend to focus on how Hammons revisited the gallery on multiple occasions to contribute additional framed materials and reposition those artworks already included, and on how his last-minute changes to the show’s installation meant the works featured in the catalogue did not match up with the works on view, as if the real story was about Hammons and his enigmatic ways. Indeed, every exhibition review seems to describe a different show altogether, reflecting the way