Sarah Michelson

  • Ralph Lemon, Rant #3, 2020. Performance view, the Kitchen, New York, February 29, 2020. Ralph Lemon. Photo: Ralph Lemon.


    WHEN ARTFORUM generously invited me to contribute to the present issue considering the state of museums today, I suggested, as an alternative, a series of notes written from my perspective as director of the Kitchen, New York, a smaller nonprofit organization. While all arts institutions provide useful windows onto society more broadly—figured as they are within the latter’s contradictions, both economic and cultural—smaller institutions often embody such qualities in living proximity. Certainly, many prescient questions about how institutions may be oriented differently, and with an eye toward

  • Stanley Love in his and Robert Melee’s kitchen, Lower East Side, New York, 1993. Photo: Robert Melee.

    Stanley Love (1970–2019)

    Greg and Sarah 900 :( Broken-Hearted on STANLEY



    Move over Nijinsky and Martha.

    Make space and move over Merce Cunningham.

    Stanley Love needs space and time and a place in our landscape to be mourned—and celebrated.

    Stanley Love is dead.

    Hi Stanley!!!


    Stanley Love is a fucking genius! Stanley Love will make you feel emotions down deep inside where emotions go. And then he’s going to make you feel them again. And again.

    When you wake up this morning, there is going to be a song in your head and Stanley Love is going to choreograph some moves to that song and those moves are going to be