Serena Qiu

  • Imin Yeh, Film Projector, 2019, acrylic on silk-screen and ink-jet print on paper; projector: 6 x 9 x 8”, print: 12 x 15”.
    picks February 20, 2020

    Imin Yeh

    The mascot of Imin Yeh’s exhibition “The Drawer of Extra Sauce” is the installation Extra Sauce, 2019, a heap of to-scale paper replicas of Chinese take-out condiments. Each plump packet was meticulously constructed from two screen prints depicting familiar logos and vibrant sauces, sealed around a mostly hollow center. Extra Sauce is not immediately visible: Per the show's title, the packets sit inside the half-shut drawer of another sculpture’s pedestal, which is turned away from the gallery entrance. Yeh’s decision to conceal the show’s central work establishes her cheeky sense of humor, and

  • Rafael Soldi, CM-32, 2018, ink-jet print, 8 x 10 1/2".
    picks February 04, 2019

    Rafael Soldi

    Rafael Soldi’s exhibition “Cargamontón” features selections from two of the artist’s recent series that consider dissonance as a tool of identity formation. Hung across one wall in three rows are twenty-five of the fifty self-portraits Soldi took in a photobooth over the span of two years, which make up the series “Imagined Futures,” 2016–18. Each black-and-white image documents the Seattle-based artist sitting with his eyes shut as he imagines a life he could have lived but, ultimately, will not—a result of his immigrating from Peru. The regularity of the photographs’ format and hanging, and