Sheila Dickinson

  • Nyeema Morgan, Untitled, No. 1 (I, Rhinoceros), 2014, cast and painted resin with found objects, each 18'' x 8'' x 49''.
    picks August 03, 2016


    “Itasca” draws a through line from current global trade systems to that of the early beaver fur trade between Lake Superior and Lake Itasca, the source of the Mississippi River, to assert the combined dependence on animals and slavery at the root of labor worldwide. Some more obvious approaches, such as Duane Linklater’s The State That I Seek to Name, 2014, where a mink pelt hangs from a dress rack beside a trapper’s bag, give way to the more subtle, such as Hermione Spriggs’s Stanford Map of the River Thames, Lechlade to Richmond, 2016, a video of the needle of a player piano roll whose notes

  • View of “Andrea Büttner,” 2015–16.
    picks February 04, 2016

    Andrea Büttner

    For her debut solo exhibition in the US, Andrea Büttner presents works—be it video, philosophy book illustrations, growing moss, prints, or a fabric-based installation—that highlight her willingness to follow an idea to whatever medium it needs to take. Large walls mostly covered in vibrant blue cotton fabric—typically used for British service workers’ uniforms—radiate in the gallery, providing a richness that contrasts with the cold white of the rest of the space. Indeed, Büttner’s work can feel as if it is all about contrasts and opposing ends: The lofty philosophical concerns taken up in