Steven Simmons

  • Scott Burton

    As the light comes up on a beige stage, one sees two blond, wooden, institutional-looking chairs on small platforms and, between the chairs, a bench, also of blond wood. Two men on stage echo the repetition of the identical chairs; both men are the same height, have short, dark hair, wearing t-shirts, bell-bottom trousers, and (punning visually on the chairs) platform shoes. But the performers, unlike the furniture, are not “arranged” symmetrically. One man stands upstage right, the other midstage left; their backs are toward one another.

    So begins Scott Burton’s austere and elegant Pair Behavior

  • Rhoda in Potatoland

    RHODA IN POTATOLAND IS THE 12th production of the Ontological Hysteric Theater, which Richard Foreman founded in 1968. Foreman writes, directs, and designs all of the company’s productions, which have included Total Recall, Hotel China, Sophie = (Wisdom), Pain(t), and Pandering to the Masses. Foreman is the most rigorous theorist and one of the more interesting artists currently working in the American theater, but except among small groups in New York and Europe, his work remains practically unknown, perhaps because, conceptually and formally, Foreman’s work is more closely related to that of