Theresa Duncan

  • Game Boy music

    IF PUNK ROCK DIED when the first kid said, “Punk’s not dead!” then reports of the genre’s vitality would appear to be greatly exaggerated. Everyone from pop star Avril Lavigne to Nike CEO Phil Knight has recently avowed the living influence of punk on their respective cultural output. So many and sudden are allusions to the genre that detecting punk’s revivified presence has become the early twenty-first century’s answer to Elvis sightings: It’s the presence of absence that we’re really seeing. All the sneakers and twice-told tales and teen lip-synchstresses are mere memento mori, reminding us

  • Lost in Translation and Kill Bill

    AT FIRST GLANCE, Sofia Coppola’s melancholy love story Lost in Translation and Quentin Tarantino’s brazen splatterfest Kill Bill: Vol. 1 don’t seem to have much in common beyond their similarly lavish Oscar campaigns. But then a peculiar set of coincidences begins to emerge. Both are set in a dreamlike, poppalette Tokyo, the action in both pivots on the marital troubles of a female protagonist, and the films each sport a key scene in which the heroine rides along a hospital corridor in a wheelchair. Even some of the finer points are identical, like both films’ featuring a minor Japanese character