Thora Siemsen

  • Sam Roeck, bed2, 2001/2021, silver gelatin print, 11 x 14".
    interviews October 25, 2021

    Sam Roeck

    Sam Roeck’s second solo exhibition at New York’s OCDChinatown, “Sam Roeck, Sam Roeck.,” features a dozen black-and-white photographs of the artist at sixteen along with eighteen new graphite self-portraits the thirty-six-year-old completed during quarantine. The small gallery also houses two inverted sculptures of staircases replicated from Roeck’s childhood home in Chicago, emphasizing the cozy and claustrophobic work of exploring the self. The show gives an intimate look at the practice of an artist who splits his time between managing Nicole Eisenman’s studio and teaching drawing at Hunter

  • Vanesa Sander and her boyfriend, Salta, Argentina, 1988.

    Time Regained

    Founded by activist archivist María Belén Correa in 2013, El Archivo de la Memoria Trans Argentina is a historical-memory project devoted to lost friends and forebears. This growing collection of more than ten thousand documents—photos, videos, and mementos––gives flesh to trans lives in Argentina. The archive originated as a private Facebook group, a forum for research and discussion sustained by the dedication of its members. With the help of Carolina Figueredo, Luciano Goldin, Car Ibarra, Luis Juárez, Magalí Muñiz, and Cecilia Saurí, the community has retrieved treasures that have survived

  • Luke O’Halloran, Cards in the air 06 (dead man's hand), 2020, oil on canvas, 64 x 17".
    interviews October 27, 2020

    Luke O’Halloran

    Following his inclusion in the group show “Intimate Companions” in Provincetown this summer, painter Luke O’Halloran is set to present his hypnotic oils of playing cards and carnie showmanship in his first New York solo exhibition, “Dealing,” opening at Kapp Kapp Gallery on Mischief Night (October 30) and on through December 31. The California-born artist’s symbolic strong suits will be on full display: Keep a weather eye open for a dead man’s hand. Nearby is his lively rendition of the woman sawed in half. Below, O’Halloran discusses his interest in legerdemain, luck, and the powers of suspense.