Tina Lyons

  • New Wave

    THE HELLENISTIC GREEKS INVENTED historical self-consciousness as we know it when, five hundred years after the original efflorescence, they revived the Archaic style for contemporary markets. This ambiguous advance in the history of taste was not without detractors—“Cessavit deinde ars” proclaimed the Elder Pliny of Greek art after Lysippus—and a general disapprobation of revivalism has persisted to this day. For every Renaissance there’s a half-dozen neo-Gothics. But what are you supposed to do when all culture is revivalist?

    On the threshold of the millennium, revival culture is the only thing

  • Martha Stewart

    BUSY RHAPSODIZING OVER Ralph Lauren’s tartan highboy and penning essays about his influence on American life-style, pop-cultural critics have been too caught up in their insular urban worlds to recognize the true genius in our midst. The person who has had the biggest impact on the quotidian esthetics of the average suburban American household is the one and only Martha Stewart.

    Barnard graduate turned stockbroker turned House Beautiful editor turned caterer turned life-style empress: Martha Stewart manages an empire that includes books, videos, her own magazine (Martha Stewart Living), and a