Wang Shuman

  • View of Shao Chun, Air Chrysalids, 2022, steel wires, wigs, glass balls, acrylic container, pipes, pump, fog machine, and waterproof fabric, dimensions variable. Photo: Fengdi Ye.
    picks May 10, 2022

    Shao Chun

    For the exhibition “Riddle Bodies,” Shao Chun stages an intimate encounter between a home and its new inhabitants: the artworks. Seizing on the apartment setting of the Macalline Art Center’s Cloister Project, Shao distributes her latest sculptural installations throughout the entire residence. In the kitchen, the installation Super Clean (all works 2022) pumps bubble foam under a cluster of entwined knots that endlessly rids itself of the accumulating residue. In the nearby study, The Lure emits a discreet hum broadcast from mini electronic devices seeded in a nest of plastic pipes that have