Wes Hill

  • View of “The Bronze House,” 2011.
    picks October 19, 2011

    Plamen Dejanoff

    Plamen Dejanoff’s latest exhibition features work from his ongoing project “The Bronze House,” which the artist began planning in 2006 and which revolves around the construction of functional bronze houses throughout the Bulgarian city of Veliko Tarnovo. Consisting of architectural prototypes, sketches, paintings, lighting designs, and a section of one of the bronze houses itself, this exhibition’s function is notionally to inform viewers about the overall project. That said, the works on display are so captivating as standalone artworks that their eventual realization as architecture almost

  • View of “Organizing the World,” 2011.
    picks August 18, 2011

    Matt Mullican

    Showcasing his forty-year career in an extraordinary range of media, Matt Mullican’s retrospective assails viewers with the structured disorder for which he is known. The exhibition’s title, “Organizing the World,” is somewhat misleading, given that his “sign systems,” as he calls them, are arranged eclectically and elude straightforward comprehension. Mullican’s work essentially explores the way that signs, including language, can obscure the role that intuition or self-generated knowledge plays in one’s navigation through life. This paradoxical position is intensified by the sheer range of