Zoey Lubitz

  • K.R.M. Mooney, Housing (c.) ii, 2022, steel, electroplated steel, silver, brass, neodymium, copper coated polyethylene, paint, polymer resin, and iron oxide, 14 × 7 × 3 1/2".
    picks December 08, 2022

    K.R.M. Mooney

    K.R.M. Mooney’s first exhibition with this gallery (and in New York) features a selection of suggestively deformed equipment, from architectural and industrial materials to nearly figurative compositions. Take the wall-mounted assemblage Housing (c.) ii (all works 2022), with its bent, expensive-looking, copper-colored sheet. This aspect nearly resolves into something that looks like a flag, or a folded page—it’s almost trompe l’oeil. The gray piece made up of serialized objects on the floor, Radial Affordance (c.) i, contrasts against Housing’s playfulness with a hard, selfsame presentation of