Aaron Cutler

Deborah Stratman

Deborah Stratman discusses her film The Illinois Parables

November 2016

The American film and video artist Deborah Stratman has made a number of works that use sounds and images in elliptical ways to lead audience members to question their awareness of their own surroundings. Her recent hour-long film The Illinois… READ ON


Andrew Bujalski

Andrew Bujalski talks about his fifth feature film, Results

May 2015

Andrew Bujalski’s fifth feature film, Results (2015), is a romantic comedy about personal fitness that unfolds primarily in Austin. As in Bujalski’s previous works, such as Beeswax (2009) and Computer Chess (2013), humor arises from how the… READ ON


René Frölke

René Frölke discusses his film Le beau danger

April 2015

Two films from German director René Frölke will screen on April 22, 2015 in New York as part of the Film Society of Lincoln Center series Art of the Real 2015. The feature-length Le beau danger (2014), which Frölke primarily discusses here,… READ ON


Only Human

Aaron Cutler on “Nelson Pereira dos Santos: Politics and Passion” at MoMA

April 2015

THERE ARE FEW wider-sung songs than Brazilian composer Tom Jobim’s “The Girl from Ipanema,” myriad versions of which are performed in The Music According to Antonio Carlos Jobim (2012). The documentary, codirected by Nelson Pereira dos Santos… READ ON


Eugčne Green

Eugčne Green talks about his latest film, La Sapienza

March 2015

In La Sapienza (2014), the filmmaker Eugène Green’s fifth feature-length work, a middle-aged French architect named Alexandre (played by Fabrizio Rongione) travels to Italy to finish a book on the Baroque architect Francesco Borromini. His … READ ON


Indie Rocks

Aaron Cutler on the 14th Indie Festival in Brazil

October 2014

ALBERT SERRA’S STORY OF MY DEATH (2013) animates the past with glinting life. Serra, a thirty-nine-year-old Catalonian, focuses on a corpulent, decaying, half-mad Casanova (Vicenç Altaió) who spends his waning days in a Swiss castle admiring… READ ON


Nuria Ibáńez

Nuria Ibáńez on her latest film and New York debut

August 2014

The Spanish documentarian Nuria Ibáñez’s most recent film, The Naked Room (2013), was recorded entirely inside a pediatric therapist’s office in a Mexico City children’s hospital and is composed primarily of close-ups of the young patients’… READ ON


Joanna Hogg

Joanna Hogg discusses her latest film

June 2014

The British filmmaker Joanna Hogg has made three intimate, sympathetic features in which vulnerable friends and family members attempt to hide secrets from each other within large houses and open frames. Exhibition (2013) is currently playing… READ ON


Hope Springs Eternal

Aaron Cutler on Lav Diaz at the Film Society of Lincoln Center

June 2014

NORTE, THE END OF HISTORY (2013) tells a Filipino tale. The film begins on the northern Philippine island of Luzon with a disillusioned former law student, Fabian Viduya (Sid Lucero), espousing to friends his “new morality,” according to … READ ON


Marielle Nitoslawska

Marielle Nitoslawska on Breaking the Frame

January 2014

Canadian Marielle Nitoslawska’s feature film Breaking the Frame (2012) is a portrait of the American artist Carolee Schneemann. A collage drawn from interviews, excerpts from her private notebooks, and music composed by the late James Tenney,… READ ON