Abbe Schriber

Sondra Perry

March 2017

Data, and its attendant devices, ostensibly exist to help us live “better”: Eat cleaner, work harder, exercise more. But who has the ability to “be good” in the first place, and at what cost? Saturated in postproduction blue, Sondra Perry’s… READ ON

IN PRINT March 2017 [TOC]

Jennifer Packer

Sikkema Jenkins & Co.

December 2015

The two figures in Jennifer Packer’s painting Ain’t I?, 2013–15, emerge gradually from a dense, heavily chartreuse cartography of stains and scrawls. A boy sits atop someone’s shoulders, his form loosely sketched except for his hands and … READ ON



Anat Ebgi

October 2015

Embedding the cropped data of found Instagram photos into woven skeins, the washed, striated surfaces of Margo Wolowiec’s textiles appear as images mid download, registering the staticky visual jitter of perpetual glitch. This temporal … READ ON


“In Part”

Fondazione Prada Milan

August 2015

In Robert Rauschenberg’s Cy + Relics, 1952, the eponymous Mr. Twombly is shown dwarfed by the massive, pointing finger of an ancient statue of Constantine. Suggesting both the reverence that such colossal remains of antiquity continue to … READ ON


Kevin Beasley

Casey Kaplan

March 2015

To be among Kevin Beasley’s new sound installation, sculptures, and photographs is to negotiate a doubled sense of “here”—both the physical recognition of oneself, and the claim for recognition evoked by discarded materials, bound and shellacked… READ ON


Derrick Adams

Tilton Gallery

October 2014

For “Live and in Color,” Derrick Adams refracts the current nostalgia for all things 1980s and ’90s through arguably its purest form of expression: television. Bright, succinct, reveling in its own exuberance, a series of large-scale collages… READ ON


Trisha Brown

Lower Manhattan Cultural Council

July 2014

Trisha Brown’s choreography is notoriously difficult to capture, with its swift turns and continuous transitional phrases. In early works such as Roof Piece, 1971, seen through the able lens of Babette Mangolte, multiple dancers transmit … READ ON


“Ruffneck Constructivists”

ICA - Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia

April 2014

Leave it to Kara Walker to fuse early-1990s hip-hop with the early-twentieth-century avant-garde in her most recent curatorial effort, “Ruffneck Constructivists.” Walker’s title references the song “Ruffneck” by protofeminist rapper MC Lyte,… READ ON