Abraham Adams

Jean Blackburn

Rafius Fane Gallery

April 2017

The titular installation at the center of Jean Blackburn’s current exhibition, “Warp,” comprises connected domestic scenes evoking something like a bedroom, laundry room, and kitchen. Where another artist might have separated the elements … READ ON


Max Ritvo (1990–2016)

Abraham Adams on Max Ritvo (1990–2016)

October 2016

MAX,  We die. You did, who seemed to have believed this fact. That we are of the nature of dying means that what happened to you in August in Los Angeles is that you went ahead of us. If too far ahead.  I froze on a Brooklyn sidewalk the … READ ON


“Silent Revolt: Norwegian Process Art and Conceptual Art in the 1970s and 80s”

Nasjonalmuseet - Museum of Contemporary Art

July 2016

It’s strange to see Conceptualism treated like the Parthenon, but here we find a fragment of that globalizing movement subject to repatriation of a kind: a survey of internationally trained mostly Norwegian artists of the 1970s and ’80s, … READ ON


Carlos Betancourt

Museo Arte ContemporŠneo de Puerto Rico (MAC)

March 2016

“Looks like fun,” said my companion at Carlos Betancourt’s capacious retrospective “Re-Collections,” looking up at a projection of the artist writhing naked in a room-size pile of glitter for the video En la arena sabrosa (In the Pleasant … READ ON


Trisha Baga

Greene Naftali Gallery

September 2015

There is a scene toward the end of Tarkovsky’s The Mirror (1975) in which a lantern on a solitary table rolls and falls into the grass, and though we hear a constant sound of leaves, the fall is silent. In Trisha Baga’s latest solo outing, … READ ON


Claudia Andujar

Instituto Moreira Salles (IMS) | Rio de Janeiro

September 2015

I still feel as if there is a knifepoint underneath my eyelid: Such is the somatic staying power of Claudia Andujar’s 1967 photographs of “psychic surgeon” Zé Arigó, who performed his “miracles” with cutlery on that most delicate of facial … READ ON


“So You Want to See”


May 2015

“Some clients ask us to piss on them, but I'd be happy to shit on them on behalf of all women.” So opens this group exhibition—including works by Sanja Iveković, Rajkamal Kahlon, Victoria Lomasko, OKO, Cecilia Vicuña, and Carla Zaccagnini—with… READ ON


Elizabeth Orr


April 2015

The sun sets on a passive-solar conference room, on ergonomic pleather rolling chairs around a glossy table with a conference phone. Everyone’s excited in this video (Elizabeth Orr’s Applied Marketing Topic: Loss Leader [all works 2015]) to… READ ON


Trenton Doyle Hancock

The Studio Museum in Harlem

April 2015

Trenton Doyle Hancock works in a baroque grotesque, from portraits whose emetic intricacy recalls George Grosz to centerless, Boschian tableaux. This retrospective starts with drawings from the artist’s childhood and maps his career’s uncanny… READ ON


Hayley Silverman


March 2015

Noah’s ark, that proto–postapocalyptic time capsule, has manifested as a yellow wheelbarrow of varicolored resin sand dollars at the entrance to New York–based Hayley Silverman’s “Unmanned Lander”: Each transclucent cast inside contains a … READ ON