Alessandra Pioselli

Sabrina Mezzaqui and Paolo Novelli

October 2016

There is no clear purpose in hand-drawing ornamental motifs, yet in her I quaderni di Adriano (Hadrian’s Notebooks), 2016, Sabrina Mezzaqui has exhaustively reproduced the decorative scheme of a mosaic floor. Turning the pages of the twenty… READ ON

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July 2016

The artist duo Alis/Filliol have always interrogated the meaning of making sculpture, dragging the medium beyond its confines and thinking of it as a magmatic form in transformation, the result of repeated manipulations. Their latest … READ ON


Marion Baruch

Otto Zoo

June 2016

Marion Baruch’s current exhibition focuses on an ongoing project that the artist began in 2012, for which she makes use of the scraps of mangled fabric that remain after pieces have been cut out by garment makers. She restores and displays … READ ON


Runo Lagomarsino

June 2016

For his first solo show in Milan, Swedish-Argentinean artist Runo Lagomarsino continued his reflection on the ways in which history—especially histories of migration and colonialism—is inextricably entwined with depictions of space. At the … READ ON

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Emma Ciceri

Galleria Riccardo Crespi

March 2016

Almerino is a gentleman who raises birds. Feeding and caring for them, he spends days marked by repeated gestures. He uses scrap materials to construct perches, piece by piece, in the courtyard of his house—an environment organized according… READ ON


Graham Wilson

January 2016

The thread connecting the fifteen works (all 2015) in Graham Wilson’s recent exhibition “I Clocked Out when I Punched In” seemed to be time—specifically, time as it plays out in the valuation of artistic production. Wilson’s self-reflexive … READ ON

IN PRINT January 2016 [TOC]

Luisa Lambri

September 2015

After years of photographing modernist domestic architecture, Luisa Lambri has turned her lens to works by artists of the same era, from Donald Judd and Lucio Fontana to Lygia Clark. She shoots her new subjects from the same perspective with… READ ON

IN PRINT September 2015 [TOC]

Cory Arcangel

Palazzo della Ragione

April 2015

Cory Arcangel’s site-specific installation Photoshop CS: 1060 by 2744 Centimeters, 10 DPC, RGB, Square Pixels, Default Gradient “Spectrum,” Mousedown y=1800 x=6800, Mouseup y=8800 x=20180, 2015, is a wave that disseminates the full spectrum… READ ON


Amalia Del Ponte

Galleria Milano

April 2015

Amalia Del Ponte’s latest exhibition presents visitors with a sensory experience of ineffable and barely perceptible signs, sounds, and passages of light and shadows. This is the first time the artist has exhibited the installation Ars … READ ON


Zineb Sedira

Galleria Riccardo Crespi

June 2014

The sea is an entity that separates and conjoins geographies and histories, where unpredictable routes are traced. In Zineb Sedira’s current exhibition, “Maritime Chronicles,” which presents her recent work, she examines the ocean as an … READ ON