Alex Fialho

Raúl de Nieves and Colin Self

Raúl de Nieves and Colin Self on the new production of their opera The Fool

February 2017

Scored for a chorus and string ensemble, Raúl de Nieves and Colin Self’s chamber opera The Fool rises up with an ethos that feels equally majestic and DIY. After a 2014 premiere at ISSUE Project Room, The Fool returns with an elevated … READ ON


Nick Mauss

Nick Mauss discusses his work on “Design Dreams, A Celebration of Léon Bakst”

December 2016

Nick Mauss frequently stages and animates historical material in his works, which revel in unexpected juxtapositions and recontextualizations. It is fitting that he has envisioned the exhibition layout for “Design Dreams, A Celebration of … READ ON


Yet Again

The 12th edition of ArtBO

November 2016 BOGOTÁ

UNCERTAINTY IS IN THE AIR IN COLOMBIA. In early October, the Colombian people voted in a nationwide poll against a referendum that would have ended the country’s fifty-two-year civil war. Given this context, two of the leading events in the… READ ON


Pipilotti Rist

Pipilotti Rist speaks about her exhibition at the New Museum

October 2016

For three decades, Pipilotti Rist’s videos and immersive installations have stretched both the technical means of their creation and the organic realm from which her forms emerge. Rist’s art imaginatively upends our relationship to spectatorship… READ ON


Isaac Julien

Jessica Silverman Gallery

June 2016

Isaac Julien’s films and immersive video installations have been stunning audiences for decades. It comes as no surprise, then, that the artist’s sumptuous large-scale photographs envelop you cinematically. Mounted on aluminum, the four … READ ON


Big Game

The 8th Dallas Art Fair

April 2016 DALLAS

ANSWERS TO MY QUESTION “What’s the biggest thing at the Dallas Art Fair?” ranged widely: “Socialite updos.” “Plastic surgery bills.” “Howard Rachofsky’s impressive art collection.” “Howard Rachofsky’s checkbook.” “Paola Pivi’s airplane … READ ON


Rodney McMillian

Rodney McMillian on his three solo museum exhibitions on the East Coast

April 2016

Rodney McMillian is having a moment. The artist currently has three solo exhibitions on view at East Coast museums: “Views of Main Street” at the Studio Museum in Harlem, through June 26, 2016; “The Black Show” at the Institute of Contemporary… READ ON


Gregory Crewdson

Gregory Crewdson speaks about his latest solo show in New York

January 2016

The photographs in Gregory Crewdson’s first solo exhibition in New York City in six years are an extension of his hallmark depictions of eerie encounters in American homes and neighborhoods, yet the new works are set in more rural forest … READ ON


Tauba Auerbach

Paula Cooper Gallery | 534 West 21st Street

January 2016

Tauba Auerbach’s art, cerebrally and seductively, marries system theory and aesthetic acuity. The paintings, sculptures, and publishing projects within this exhibition engage the ideas and writings of architect and theosophist Claude Bragdon,… READ ON


Barton Lidicé Beneš

Pavel Zoubok Gallery

October 2015

Barton Lidicé Beneš’s artistic practice was among the most incisive to address HIV/AIDS at the end of the twentieth century. On display here are five works from his “Lethal Weapons” series, 1992–97, refashioned objects behind wired safety … READ ON